Listen to Irish Gaelic Words on the go

No need to memorize difficult Irish words

Take this audio app with you on the go, available on the App Store

Are you afraid of pronouncing Gaelic aloud? Do you find it difficult to memorize Irish words that you’ve never seen before?

The Focal Me iPhone app is your secret on the go. Order a pint of Guinness in Irish, or throw a sly insult at your friends.

  • 99 everyday (and not so everyday!) Irish words and phrases
  • Listen to pronunciation from a native Irish speaker, and repeat
  • Not sure what to listen to? Shake the app for a random Irish saying!

Focal Me is available in the iTunes App Store

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Focal Me Irish words app

Irish words on the app storeDid you ever want to show your Irish heritage, but find the Irish language difficult?

The Irish language is very different to English. The words your hear may sound very different, making them hard to remember.

If you’re like me, you can’t learn instantly by learning and repeating. It takes time, you can do it, but perhaps you’re not that familiar yet with Irish (Gaelic).

  • Download Focal Me for your iPhone
  • Listen to the 99 Irish words, phrases and sayings
  • Next time you’re in the right situation, take out your phone, and use the app to listen once more to how to pronounce the Irish language saying
  • …and impress your friends!

Including controversial “Póg mo thóin”

Do you have a bit of the Irish humor? If so, read on.

Over the years, I shared how to say and pronounce “Kiss my ass” in Irish Gaelic. There were countless emails complaining about us sharing the phrase.

But if you don’t have some of the Irish humor, perhaps this app is not for you. In that case, you should not learn how to insult your friends in Gaelic. You should not learn smart old sayings to insult somebody. You should not learn to say the cheesy “Kiss me, I’m Irish”, in Ireland’s native tongue.

The answer to carrying Irish words with pronunciation on the go

The Focal Me iPhone app will give you:

  • 99 funny, useful (and insulting!) words and phrases in the Irish language
  • Audio recordings for each of the phrases
  • Listen as many times as you like
  • Use the app when you want to use one of the phrases, and listen once more how to pronounce it
  • Impress your friends, or better yet, impress Irish people when you’re visiting Ireland.

Focal Me is available in the iTunes App Store

Download it now

Focal Me app screenshots – see what you’ll get

Focal Me irish words

The Focal Me app home screen. Shake it to listen to a random Irish phrase.


Irish app conversation

Within Focal Me app, touch any conversation phrase to listen to how it’s pronounced in Irish (Gaelic).


Irish app instults

Insult your friends in Irish, on the go! Now, you really will be ready with a comeback that they can’t reply to.


Like what you see? Click below to get the app from the App Store:

Focal Me is available in the iTunes App Store

Irish words on the app store

Download it now


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  1. Sorcha

    Seconding Sherry above. Im irish but having lived in england so long now i can barely remember the basics and would liek to brush up on my andriod samsung s3. x

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