Audio Program for Learning Irish Gaelic

  • Do you want to learn to speak the Irish language?
  • How about learning while driving, cooking in the kitchen or simply out for a walk?

Listen to Four taster lessons (the full Gaelic program has 90 lessons)

Keep reading for why you can learn essential Irish (Gaelic) in your earbuds.

Learn from to a Native Gaelic Speaker – In Your Earbuds

Learn Irish Gaelic audio program lessons
An entire Irish Gaelic program for your earbuds. Download the MP3s to your iPhone or MP3 player.

Learning a language is difficult, and the more time you can spend, the better the results you’ll get.

Even if you don’t speak a single word of the Irish language yet, our Bitesize Irish Audio Program will get you speaking your first conversation.

You won’t be learning alone – Eoin (pronounced like “Owen”) explains key everyday phrases and conversation expressions to you.

You get to hear a native Irish speaker in your earbuds.

An Irish Gaelic Program to Bring With You

The key to this MP3 program is its portability. Load it into your iTunes. Copy it to your iPhone, iPod, Android, laptop or MP3 player.

It’s the way to learn Irish when you’re on the go, and have little time for spending time at the computer.

An Entire Irish Learning Audio Program with Pronunciation

You’ll learn the key everyday phrases you need to participate in Gaelic conversation.

This unique program brings you through 15 hours of audio across 90 lessons. This isn’t a simply CD program, it’s an entire Irish Gaelic course.

In the audio lesson units with the native Irish speaker, you’ll cover:

  • 01 – Your First Conversation
  • 02 – Counting
  • 03 – Spelling
  • 04 – Hello and Goodbye
  • 05 – How to Pronounce Irish
  • 06 – Conversation with a Stranger
  • 07 – For Everyday Conversation
  • 08 – Sentences, Questions and Answers
  • 09 – Nouns and Prepositions
  • 10 – Weather and Seasons
  • 11 – Time and Dates
  • 12 – Introducing People
  • 13 – People
  • 14 – Who Owns What
  • 15 – Asking Advanced Questions
  • 16 – Career
  • 17 – Love
  • 18 – Meals
  • 19 – Asking for Food and Drinks
  • 20 – Hobbies
  • 21 – In a Shop
  • 22 – Your Health
  • 23 – I like this

Purchase Bitesize Irish Audio Program

You’ll get all this, all for only ($119.96) $97.00:

  • Full Irish Gaelic audio program
  • MP3s of every lesson for your iPhone, iPod, Android or MP3 player
  • Everyday phrases for your first conversation in Irish Gaelic
  • 90 lessons across 20+ units covering essential material
  • Free Bonus: a PDF of every single lesson so you can read what you hear

Full Guarantee – No Risk

There’s a full 30-day money-back guarantee on your $97.00 purchase. If you’re not impressed, simply contact us over at Bitesize Irish.