Learn Irish Gaelic online

Bitesize Irish, our newest service, is now open to learners!

If you’re considering to learn the Irish language, we’ve got good news for you.

Learning Irish doesn’t have to be a bewildering process! We have launched a series of lessons in bite-sized chunks. It’s better to break up your learning into small parts. That’s how Bitesize Irish online learning program helps you.

These lessons are online, allowing you to instantly access any of them. Pricing is available on the site.

Language is fundamentally about expressing yourself through sound. That’s why each lesson is jam-packed with audio for each Irish language example. You learn at your own place, listen as many times as you like. You’ll also track your learning progress automatically without needing to install any software.

Bitesize Irish is now available. Be one of the first to join now.

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By Eoin

Native Irish Gaelic speaker, from County Clare, and living in Limerick.