What can I learn after Pimsleur Irish?

We’ve had a couple of queries from people interested in learning a bit more Irish Gaelic, after already trying Pimsleur Irish. First, here’s what they said:

I just found your Web site and saw your product, “Teach Me Irish Gaelic” and it sounds intriguing. I definitely am interested in ordering it, but I want to get a little bit more infor first. I got a 10-lesson version of Pimsleur Irish a couple of weeks ago and have just finished that. I realize that it just begins to scratch the surface of learning the language, but it was enjoyable and has left me feeling that I do, indeed, speak and understand a little bit of Irish. A very little bit, admittedly, but when I consider that two weeks ago I didn’t know a single Irish sentence, or even a word, the limited vocabulary I have now is at least a start. It seems as though your course would be a logical next step for me, but my question is, will your course take me much beyond those basics? Again, it sounds to me as if your course is more in-depth, but I guess I’m just looking for some reassurance of that before I order. Thanks for taking the time to read my comment. Looking forward to hearing from you soon.


And, more recently, Brian wrote:

I have essentially completed the Pimsleur eight lesson set and I was pleased with the introduction to the sound of the language. I am looking for programs that will take me into the grammar and the written word. Is the $48 item what I’m looking for?

If you have already gotten your toes with with learning Irish Gaelic, you have two options with us:

  • If you like to install an interactive program on your Windows PC, TeachMe! Irish Gaelic will give you many vocabulary and grammar lessons.
  • If you prefer to learn online from any computer online, learn with Bitesize Irish language course. It breaks the language down into bitesize chunks, but doesn’t shy away from giving you the fundamentals of the Irish language.

Whichever option you choose, I’m sure you’ll enjoy learning the language.

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By Eoin

Native Irish Gaelic speaker, from County Clare, and living in Limerick.