Hey you! You’ve hopefully already heard about the Irish language (Irish Gaelic). It’s a beautiful language, and encapsulates Ireland’s real culture spanning several thousand years.

Online Irish Gaelic Learning Program

Learn the key practical topics for getting to have conversations in Irish Gaelic.  Bitesize Irish is a full online Irish Gaelic language program.

  • Make a real connection with your Irish heritage
  • Learn to interact with others
  • No waiting for software in the mail

Visit Bitesize Irish to learn Irish online.

Irish Gaelic Audio Program

Full audio program, with MP3 lessons.

What if you could learn essential Irish Gaelic with the help of a native speaker.

With the Bitesize Irish Audio Program lessons, you can:

  • Learn on the go on your iPhone, iPode, Android, laptop or MP3 player
  • Hear a native speaker explaining the language to you, don’t just read
  • Learn on the move: while driving, in the kitchen, or simply out for a walk
  • Full program of 15 hours of lessons

Listen to sample audio lessons for Irish Gaelic.


  1. Cool! This is very helpful for me as I have a online buddy who lives in Ireland and was inviting me to come over. I wish I could learn Irish language fast. They said, it may be easy but I do not think so. I really need a tutor. This thing would help.

  2. Getting a personal tutor would be the next option after being able to visit an Irish-speaking area! If you can’t find a class in your area, then a self-learning program like ours may be a nice place to start learning.

  3. How I wish I have this before my Irish friend will come over here to visit. I could brag a little of the language to get him impressed. Irish language is nice to listen to. Something new to learn is cool.

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