Hey you! You’ve hopefully already heard about the Irish language (Irish Gaelic). It’s a beautiful language, and encapsulates Ireland’s real culture spanning several thousand years.

Online Irish Gaelic Learning Program

Learn the key practical topics for getting to have conversations in Irish Gaelic.  Bitesize Irish is a full online Irish Gaelic language program.

  • Make a real connection with your Irish heritage
  • Learn to interact with others
  • No waiting for software in the mail

Visit Bitesize Irish to learn Irish online.

Irish Gaelic Audio Program

Full audio program, with MP3 lessons.

What if you could learn essential Irish Gaelic with the help of a native speaker.

With the Bitesize Irish Audio Program lessons, you can:

  • Learn on the go on your iPhone, iPode, Android, laptop or MP3 player
  • Hear a native speaker explaining the language to you, don’t just read
  • Learn on the move: while driving, in the kitchen, or simply out for a walk
  • Full program of 15 hours of lessons

Listen to sample audio lessons for Irish Gaelic.


  1. I want to learn Gaelic for a girl
    Lynn of the lake makes me heart twirl
    But oh me, she sees not
    That I’m a smitten sot
    So IRISH! Help me banner unfurl!

    Ok, so I decided to learn Gaelic for more than a girl. It sounds beautiful just like that very real girl I wish would notice me, but I’m also planning on using it for literary work as well (a novel). The Celtic culture has always intrigued me so I hope the TeachMe series will be a good resource for my work.

  2. is there a trail versiono of this software online? it sounds really great, but i like trying trials before i buy the full software.

  3. Does this product really work? I and my wife would love to learn how to speak this language together.

  4. hey this is to anyone who might be able to help me. I have always dream’t of visiting ireland but it is rather hard to get the necesary documentation that is required. If anybody can help me i would be most grateful. You can email me if you like. My email address is haislip_m@yahoo.com.

  5. Just wanted to let everyone know about Spraoi Ville, an online interactive world for kids to learn Irish that will be launced in three weeks time!
    There is a school, theme park, clothes shop, food shop and farm in the world of Spraoi Ville.
    EVERYTHING is in Irish with voice overs so that children learn exactly how to pronounce the words!
    The kids have to go to the school to learn Irish, Maths, Geography and Science all through Irish so that they can earn coins to spend on rides in the theme park, new clothes for their avator, or on food!
    Children will be learning and becoming fluent in the language without even realising it! It will be like sending your kids to live in the Gaeltacht in Ireland when they log on to Spraoi Ville.
    Spraoi Ville is similar to Club Penguin and Savvy Bear in regards to it being subsciption based, but with certain parts of the world being free to go into!
    If you have any questions you can contact me at spraoiville@yahoo.ie

  6. I’d love to learn Gaelic because I listen to capercaillie and I love how the words sound but what age group is this meant for?

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