Top 5 Tips to Learn Irish Gaelic

Irish Gaelic is an old Celtic language, but it is still used today and expresses the real culture of Ireland. Many people who haven’t grown up in Ireland are now interested in learning the language. I know of Americans, Canadians, Czech, Norwegian, Slovenian, and more, who are so enthusiastic about the language.

I’m a native speaker, living in Limerick, Ireland. But you’re probably living in another country. It may seem daunting trying to learn a language away from the speaking community, but here are my top tips for you to learn the language.

1. Learn from a native Irish speaker

Start today by learning the key conversation phrases and expressions with Bitesize Irish online program.

2. Expose yourself to Irish Gaelic

The internet is a good resource for learning the language, but it might take some digging around. It’s important for you to start getting a taste of how Irish Gaelic sounds.

3. Set realistic goals

It’s easy for young babies to pick up a language, right? Actually, it takes years for them to master a language. Not to sound negative, but it will be even harder for you, especially if people aren’t talking with you in that language all day.

Learning a language is a long term commitment, so you have to plan for that. Set small realistic goals for yourself, so you can measure your success as you pick up more and more Irish words.

4. Start small

You have to start from the very beginning (which is why our language learning program assumes zero knowledge of the language). Start by learning words little by little.

5. Practice regularly

Picking up a new language like Irish Gaelic is great fun! Be sure to keep at it, while also enjoying yourself.

Ready to start? Learn Irish Gaelic with our full learning program for beginners.