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Collins Express Irish Dictionary

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Irish-English and English-Irish
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Dictionary Overview

Over 35,000 references and 50,000 translations. Colour format makes it easy to visually find the head word for each record. Up-to-date coverage of contemporary Irish and English with thousands of current constructions and phrases. It also features clear signposting of meanings and context to guide the user to the appropriate translation, special treatment of key vocabulary items, and a supplement on grammar, numbers, time and Irish place names.

This is a newer version that replaces Collins Pocket Irish Dictionary.


Visitor reviews

Solid, reliable, comprehensive!
mankso, Canada. 7 Aug 2008.

An outstanding little dictionary for the price! I first bought a used copy of the "pocket" [1997] version, then, fearing I might wear it out through overuse, bought a new copy of the "express" [2006/07] edition also. It turned out to be exactly the same thing, but with the printing tightened up a bit and the headword color changed, and some (for me) mostly useless word-games added, directed at teenagers.

Not for the absolute beginner though, at least till you have mastered the pronunciation and writing system, since it lacks any indication of how to pronounce the headwords, and especially those words which do not follow the rules (e.g. chomh). It has a really excellent 'Pronunciation Guide' at the front instead, which is worth reading daily till you have mastered all its details, including general dialect differences. I carry it around with me, as I talk to myself (!! I have no teacher available locally).

Now into my 10th month as a beginner (and a professional language teacher), I have so far found less than a handful of misprints, and only one (very colloquial!) word that was not listed. I found the Keyword/Eochairfhocal feature to be especially valuable, and often got more grammatical and usage info out of these paragraphs and example sentences than out of the many frequently amateurish and slapdash textbooks (full of alarming misprints!) that are now on the market. If you are a serious student, do not hesitate to get this dictionary - I expect it to be useful to me for years to come - and the plastic cover seems sturdy enough too.

My next step will be to look for something which briefly lists IE etymological cognates (to aid my failing memory), and a frequency-list of the basic 2,000 words of everyday spoken/newspaper/radio Irish (not literary Irish), plus a thematic listing of the next 2,000 words (as in the German 'Grund- und Aufbauwortschatz' series from Ernst Klett Verlag/ Stuttgart). Ádh mór oraibh go léir!

Quality Control ??????
chris, greece. 30 May 2008.

I bought a copy in H&F in Dublin. On arrival in Greece I found that all of A Gaelic and most of B Gaelic was missing, some 33 pages. It is a bit difficult as one has to guess the english translation and check this to get to the irish- very poor

Outstanding starter, travel or office dictionary
Abigail, Zürich, Switzerland. 26 May 2008.

This is the top dictionary I'd recommend for newcomers to the language - it's bidirectional, has reasonably up-to-date English headwords, and illustrates the common meanings of each word while not overwhelming the beginner with obscure ones.

It's not just for beginners though! The English-Irish section in particular will meet the average learner's needs for several years, and I know plenty of advanced speakers who keep a copy in their desk anyway because it's so handy.

Use of color makes this a major improvement over previous editions, and helps mitigate the inconvenience of small print.

Small, but nice
Paul, Netherlands. 23 May 2007.

This is an easy to use dictionary. It uses color to make it easy to find the right word and highlights useful and/or important words. It's grammar section is concise, but anything you need to know is in it. It is a bidirectional dictionary. The only thing I would have liked was a little more etymological information. That helps to link etymologically similar words. Hence no 5 stars, but it's cheap, bidirectional, clear and useful.

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Make a real connection with your Irish heritage.

You can learn to have conversations in Irish (Gaelic).

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