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Achmhainná foghlama na Gaeilge.

Irish On Your Own (Also called "Now You're Talking")

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Irish On Your Own (Also called (based on 6 reviews)
List price: 24.95
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Format: Audio Cassette. Includes paperback book.
Dialect: Ulster
Publisher: McGraw-Hill
Year: 1998
ISBN: 0844225967

Irish On Your Own
Jayne Morrison, Wiesbaden, Germany. 11 Mar 2008.

This is the best learning program I have had yet. When I found out I was moving to Germany I purchased this product and listend to it on my way to work I moved to Germany and we were planning to go to Ireland and spend our honeymoon there. When I pulled out the book with the cassetts in it I realized 1 is missing its the fisrt cassett and have tried to find another but can't I am hoping someone can help me either by letting me know where I can get the cds to listen while driving to and from work or where to purchase the first cassett. We are getting married in June. This was one of the easiset languages to learn compared to learning German.

Good All-rounder
M, Australia. 28 Aug 2005.

This is a good all-rounder for the complete beginner.

An product is fearr!
Somhairle, Co. an DĂșin. 22 May 2005.

In my opinion this is the best learning product. Although not as modern as Turas Teanga it covers all the basics, and is suitable for absolute beginners, which Turas Teanga isn't. If you can see past the cheesy 80s music and the awful dress sence (on the videos) then this is the language package for you!

The BEST selection for Beginners
Deb, Texas, USA. 21 May 2005.

This course begins with the conversational basics: My name is; How are you?; Who is that?; Where are you going?; When are you going? This course is based in the Ulster dialect.

It covers food and drink, addressing one or multiple persons, likes and dislikes, dealing in quantities, place names and much more.

The lessons are carried on as conversations with appropriate pauses for the learner to participate and then listen for the instructors to speak so that comparisions are available.

There is a section in the back of the work book dealing with "How the Language Works". This section contains spelling rules, rules for dealing with articles, nouns, genetive case, plurals, adjectives, prepositions and other basics.

There is, of course, an answer key for each of the 30 lessons. There is a grammar index as well as a topic index, making information and review much easier to locate.

Each individual lesson contains at least one section entitled Faisnéis - providing useful basis for the subject matter covered in the lesson. Each lesson ends with a check list to quiz the student on his or her ability to actually speak in a manner so as to be understood when dealing with the topics covered in that lesson.

As Paul did, I converted the tapes to CD. I find that I can get a better grip on the pronunciation if I listen and practice speaking while driving.
(Hint: don't try to write in the workbook while driving!)

My experience is that when beginning this course, be sure to use a pencil when writing in the workbook as you may well find yourself wanting to erase and re-do a lesson. Or, make photocopies of the pages before beginning so you can do the lesson multiple times.

I confess that I did most of my first pass through this learning aid without filling out the workbook, and found that by so doing, my spelling skills were horrid.

From this study aid I would suggest moving to Teach Me Irish and then to Turas Teanga

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Learn Irish Online

Make a real connection with your Irish heritage.

You can learn to have conversations in Irish (Gaelic).

Start Learning Irish