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Teach Yourself Irish Conversation

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Teach Yourself Irish Conversation Image (based on 6 reviews)
List price: 21.95
Format: Audio CD. 48-page book
Dialect: unknown
Publisher: Teach Yourself
Year: 2007
ISBN: 9780340906491

Product Overview

Includes 3 CDs plus a guide. As the name suggests, it focuses on building your conversational skills in Irish.

Confusing for beginners
Jeanni, Southeastern US. 6 Jul 2010.

I bought and used this CD for a trip to Ireland two years ago. I have pulled it out again for a refresher for a trip over there this summer.

Everything the others have said about dialect is correct. When I went to Ireland (my brother lives there with his wife who is from Connemara) I found that some ENTIRE phrases I used had one dialect and others had a different dialect.

I didn't find I could use it to learn to make my own sentences, but I do admit there were some useful phrases.

There is a part of the CD that gets pretty useless. There is an entire conversation about swimming. I can tell you I've never met anyone who goes to Ireland for swimming, so I felt it was a wasted conversation.

Of course, I also bought the Rosetta Stone and found they ALSO introduce the beginner to the word "swimming" ! haha

After further consideration...
Redwolf, California, USA. 13 Mar 2009.

I just worked my way through "Teach Yourself Irish Conversation" again, and giving it some serious thought, I've decided that I really can't recommend it for beginners. The mixing up of dialects without sufficient explanation is just too confusing unless one already quite familiar with the language. If this program is ever re-vamped, I would strongly recommend sticking to one dialect or, if they really want to offer all three, giving some serious explanation before introducing each one.

I still think this program can be useful for more advanced students who just want to practice speaking, and who have enough exposure to spoken Irish to know what the three dialects sound like (and, consequently, which speaker to emulate). But because it really isn't a great resource for beginners (even though it teaches mostly beginning material), I've downgraded my rating to three stars: "It's OK."

Good program with 2 flaws
Frank, New Jersey. 21 Feb 2009.

I echo what Redwolf had to say above. The program is very promising, and gets learners moving along at a nice clip.

It has two drawbacks, though:
-dialects are mixed together, and not explained at all. Certain words like 'féin' are pronounced differently in each dialect, but the program never lets on. An absolute beginner might think the program is littered with mistakes, which is unfortunate.
-the grammar explanations don't go far enough. I incorrectly thought that the grammar portions of each lesson would walk me through the basics of that lesson. In certain instances, the descriptions are fine, but as you get deeper into the program, the course ignores some of the trickier grammar aspects. (Thankfully, the folks here on IGTF helped me to understand the more complicated issues I was running into.)

With that said, the program is fantastic for anyone who has a little experience with Irish, and understands the fundamental differences between the dialects. One of the best parts of the course comes at the very end. After completing the 10 'units', you get to listen to 10 new conversations. These conversations contain words that you've never heard before. You're asked to listen to the conversations and answer basic questions afterward. It's great listening practice. Learners won't understand every word that a native speaker is saying, so it's important to develop the habit of picking out the key words in a discussion. And, this section of the course prepares you for it.

In closing...
-DON'T choose this course if this is your FIRST intro to the language.
-However, if you already have the basics down, DO pick it up. You won't regret it.

Not really impressed
Candi, Connecticut. 18 Feb 2009.

Should have stuck with one dialect or did the segments in each different dialect...the way it is it is a bit confusing.

Also, you can't play it on a computer. Mine won't even recognize that there is a disc in. Brand new laptop and brand new CD set. Figures.

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Learn Irish Online

Make a real connection with your Irish heritage.

You can learn to have conversations in Irish (Gaelic).

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