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Turas Teanga

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List price: 34.95
Purchase on RTÉ.
Format: DVD Video. Also available as Audio CD.
Dialect: Standard
Publisher: RTÉ
Year: 2004

Product Overview

Turas Teanga was originally shown as a television series in Ireland, presented by Sharon Ní Bheoláin. She presents a lively mix of reports, interviews, music, song and dance. Sharon travels around the country in glorious summer weather meeting Irish speakers such as Mairéad Ní Mhaonaigh, Breandán de Gallaí and Alex Hijmaans. She talks to people involved in activities varying from kayaking in Conamara to broadcasting in Belfast. Each programme finishes with a skit on reality TV programmes - 'An Grá Faoi Ghlas' (Love Locked Away) introduces ten characters who are brought together under one roof and whose main reason for being there is to find love.

Turas Teanga
Christina O'Shaughnessy, Geneva, Switzerland. 21 Aug 2006.

An original and truly enjoyable way to brush up or re-learn your Irish. The presenter, Sharon, not only looks super but also has a beautiful speaking voice and a great "blas" when she speaks Irish. Her enthusiasm for the language and the culture is highly contagious.

I bought the entire course. This means that I have the CDs to listen to in the car on my way to and from work, or on long trips; and the DVDs for watching at the weekend.

Here in Geneva, Belfastman Paddy (Pat) Tracey uses this course for teaching Irish in the Irish culture circle he founded in early 2006. So far, we are all impressed by the tremendous progress we're making.

This is an excellent product. The designers should be proud.

My highest recommendation.

Christina O'Shaughnessy
United Nations
Geneva 10

excellent choice
Patrick, Toronto, Canada. 27 May 2005.

I found ( and still find ) it amazing. It is clearly focused on those with a certain level of Irish and that is assumed. It is not for a beginner. I would recommend getting the entire package of Book, CD and DVD. The exercises in the book are invaluable and relate directly to the information in both the DVD and the CD.

It's okay
Blackbird, Australia. 25 May 2005.

RTE produces a very fine programme and does not disappoint. However, it was, in my experience, difficult to obtain the DVD set of the tv series and the choice of dialects in the text can lead to confusion. It is a beginner's set. Not an absolute beginner's set, mind, but it's still geared for one starting out and maintaining a conversational level.

I appreciated its style and its price was very reasonable.

Exactly what I needed
Sam, England. 22 May 2005.

My perspective is as an Adult learner.

Turas Teanga has set a precedent for Irish language courses. Time was, that after the beginners course, the student was left stranded from the next step to fluency unless endlessly reading grammar books. Turas Teanga delivers on all accounts. Educational and highly entertaining and great value for money.

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Learn Irish Online

Make a real connection with your Irish heritage.

You can learn to have conversations in Irish (Gaelic).

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