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List price: 18.45
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Format: Audio CD. Includes book, 320 pages. Available in different combinations of Audio cassettes, Audio CDs, and book.
Dialect: Standard
Publisher: Hodder & Stoughton Educational
Year: 2002
ISBN: 0 340 87077 X

Product Overview

"The aim of Teach Yourself Irish is to teach you to understand basic, everyday Irish. It is suitable for both the complete beginner and for Irish people who have learned some Irish at school but who have had little opportunity of speaking it. This is a functional course, based on the kinds of situations in which Irish is used, each of which is dealt with in a separate unit."

Excellent for the dedicated student
sean, Australia. 2 Jul 2009.

It is hard to find a text plus audio
course that suits everybody equally, but
I am impressed at how much was put into
this publication. I have just completed
all 21 chapters as a first pass through,
and now intend starting over again, to
fine-tune all the grammmar points

This course is not for those who believe
a new language can be learned with no
effort. I speak from experience, since
this is the 6th language I am learning
(with an Irish name, I wonder it took me
so long to take it up!).

While there have been some criticism made
about the lack of repetition of parts of
the language on the CD, I believe this
was justified given the broad scope of
the language covered - students can
easily repeat those parts that sound
unfamiliar to remedy this.

For those of you whose first language is
English, you will find this course
difficult, because the pronunciation and
writing will be completely unfamiliar to
you (so what! Isn't learning fun?)

The only minor criticsm I have is that
the vocubulary in the back could possibly
be extended, but a dictionary soon solves
this problem.

Well done to both authors.

Poor CDs
chris, greece. 12 Apr 2008.

The first CD when opened reads CD 2 and the titles on this CD dont match the book. The pronunciation is indistinct and the audio reflects little that is in the book.

Pronunciation is not clear. The audio part is very limited compared to the writen part.

Better than Nothing
Barbara, San Diego CA USA. 17 Mar 2008.

I purchased "Teach Yourself Irish" because it came with an accompanying CD. The CD is unlike most self-teaching programs. There's very little repetition. If you wish to repeat, you have to re-listen to the English language into to each chapter. Much of the language in the book is not pronounced on the CD. (This is definitely a language that requires that the learner listen to a native speaker, since Irish spelling is even more difficult than English spelling. Nothing is phonetic in Irish, so it's helpful to HEAR the rules as well as read them.) There must be something better out there than this course.ww

Very disappointed in this!
Margo, New York, USA. 17 Mar 2008.

I was eager to receive this program and get started with my study of Irish. The reviews I had read seemed promising. One negative review lamented the lack of grammar explanations, but since I just
wanted to be able to speak a few phrases and learn some vocabulary, that didn't deter me from ordering the program. Once it arrived, I eagerly opened the package, took out the book and put in the CD.

Everything after that was a disappointment - in the section on pronunciation, the woman translating the
vocabulary into English spoke louder than the Irish speaker - leaving no time for repetition. The dialogue in the first unit was read at lightning speed
- again with absolutely no opportunity for the student to listen and repeat. Needless to say, I am returning the program and do not even care if I get
my money back. It is just difficult for me to believe that a company that has sold millions of such programs in many different languages could know so
little about the effective teaching of a foreign language!

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Learn Irish Online

Make a real connection with your Irish heritage.

You can learn to have conversations in Irish (Gaelic).

Start Learning Irish