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Achmhainná foghlama na Gaeilge.

Pimsleur Irish

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List price: 19.95
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Format: Audio CD. Does not contain supporting book.
Dialect: Munster
Publisher: Pimsleur
Year: 2001
ISBN: 0743500156

Product Overview

Contains 8 lessons in basic Irish using the Pimsleur learning method. This set of CDs not only takes each phrase and teaches it to you word-by-word, but throughout the entire program, it reviews what you learned in the previous lessons. Lack of written support may prove problematic to some, since the learning is purely through Audio CDs.

A great beginning
Bonnie, Pennsylvania, USA. 24 Nov 2007.

I felt this was the easiest start. I was disappointed
that it only had 8 lessons. But after having mastered
those lessons, I felt comfortable with trying other
products and taking beginning lessons that combine
written with oral lessons.

Great for in the Car
Kenneth, USA. 27 Mar 2006.

This is great for doing in the car to and from work. I would suggest not moving forward until you can get 80% of the vocabulary discussed. I myself am shooting for 100% before I move to the next lesson. Also after hearing the same lesson over and over, you can hear the nuances of the speakers pronunciation. Having not been to Ireland as of yet, I can't comment on whether its useful in the country, but I'm learning it so I can listen to the beauty of Irish song and understand the words.

Inimidated by Irish? Pimsleur's for you!
Frank, Brooklyn, NY. 4 Mar 2006.

Pimsleur Irish is perfect for people (like me) who need an easy intro to Irish. I wholeheartedly recommend it!

I always had difficulty with foreign languages and was convinced that I just couldn't learn them. Then, last year, before a trip to Brazil, a friend recommended Pimsleur to me. I used it and was amazed at how quickly I learned Portuguese. So, I was excited to try it out for Irish.

Growing up with Irish-born parents, I was familiar with certain Irish words, but the language always seemed impossible to learn. The sounds and spellings were so confusing. But, Pimsleur puts your mind at ease very quickly.

Each lesson starts with a short conversation between a man and a woman. The next 30 minutes are spent teaching you the contents of that conversation, so
that you understand every word. The speakers gradually teach you new words during the lessons. They clearly sound out each new word and use them throughout their conversations, so you can't help
remembering them.

Pimsleur is audio-only, but that's the beauty of it. For true beginners, having to tackle sounds AND spelling is a lot to ask. This concentrates solely on hearing/speaking and makes the transition to a new language that much easier.

My sole complaint is that there are only 8 lessons (Portuguese has 90!). So, it is necessary to move onto another product to continue your learning.

Auditory Learner? Visual Learner?
Katie, New England, USA. 2 Jun 2005.

You know how you best learn. It may be by seeing things or by hearing things or by doing things or some combination/permutation of all of these choices and more. The visual aspect of learning is missing from Pimsleur. I often wondered, as I completed my lessons, how the words looked in print. No way I could discern that with the Pimsleur method. Once I started finding the written word from other sources, the words I said were integrated with how they looked on paper. And this helped to reinforce my learning.

Having said that, though, NOT having a printed guide while driving and repeating the lessons on the road was obviously to my advantage.

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Learn Irish Online

Make a real connection with your Irish heritage.

You can learn to have conversations in Irish (Gaelic).

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